Friday, 25 April 2014

How to check the fit of children's shoes?

The measurement of the feet is only a guide to which size shoes to buy.

To help you check the fit of your child's shoes please use the step by step guide created by well-known children’s footwear brand - Start-rite (click here), or their 'check the fit' video (also can be seen below).
These will show you what to look for when checking the fit of the footwear you have purchased.

Where to recharge air conditioning of a car? (United Kingdom)

AirCon Recharge

Air Conditioning is an integral and vital part of most modern cars. In summer it keeps you cool but in winter it helps to demist your car faster - both of which make any journey safer and more pleasant. Many motorists are unaware that over time any Air-Con system will lose the vital gas that makes it work, reducing it's effectiveness and compromising safety and comfort. Most manufacturers recommend having a system re-gas every 2 years.

With over 600 centres nationwide you can book your Air-Con recharge at Kwik Fit at a time and location to suit you, book online now!
You can even save 20% now by using discount code AIRCON20 when booking online (valid till 27.07.2014)

Kwik Fit are experts in automotive repair including tyres, MoT testing (for just £30), car servicing, exhausts, brakes, and air-con. You can book and pay for a Tyre, MoT or Servicing appointment online. As well as exclusive online prices, you can choose a Centre and appointment time that is convenient for you - it's as easy as click and fit!

They are the leading fast-fit supplier of tyres in the country and carry stocks of over 600,000 products from leading manufacturers including Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear and Michelin. With over 600 Centres you're never far from a Kwik Fit Centre where their teams can help keep you on the road.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Who provides fastest fibre optic broadband? (United Kingdom)

fastest fibre optic broadband

Forget the false promises of lesser providers, glorious 1 Gig internet is here.
Hyperoptic pipes the awesome power of fibre direct to your building, revolutionising the way we use the web.

Go 68x faster than the UK average. Go Hyperoptic.
An online speed revolution has begun. Now everyone in your building can experience affordable 1 Gig internet.
That's 1000 Meg - 68 times faster than the UK average.

Work from home faster than in the office. Download HD movies in seconds. Revolutionise your life.

Hyperoptic's full-fibre broadband is being installed into buildings right now.
Join (click here) the digital revolution and make it happen for your building too!

Hyperoptic provides fastest fibre optic broadband for businesses as well!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Where to buy high quality loose leaf tea?

Tea Posted Worldwide

TeaPosted is one of the fastest growing tea businesses specialising in high quality loose leaf tea delivered worldwide.

Why Whole Leaf Tea?
- Whole leaf tea provides a greater range and depth of flavour and is of a higher quality than tea found in conventional teabags.
For a proper brew TeaPosted believes that whole leaf tea is your best and only option.

Their products available online directly from TeaPosted website (click here).

Low cost UK shipping and flat affordable International shipping charge.

Explore. Drink. Enjoy.

How to find and order a takeaway delivery fast and easy? (United Kingdom)

There is one of the biggest award winning online food ordering service:
You simply enter your postcode, choose nearby delivery restaurant of your choice, click to order, and let them do the rest.

These services do cover thousands of local takeaways across the UK: Pizza, Indian, Chinese, Thai and more...

2M+ reviews will help you find the best ones!

By using this service you get quick and easy ordering process as well as possibility to pay by card online or cash on delivery.

Bon Appétit!