Saturday 27 December 2014

How to find cosmetics or perfume manufacture and expiry date?

cosmetics and perfumes

It is quite easy to find cosmetics manufacture and expiry date by the batch code using free cosmetic calculator website: Checkcosmetic

Cosmetics with shelf life less than 30 months must be marked with “Best before” date according to common regulations in most countries. Such products can no longer meet safety requirements as soon as expiry date has been passed.

It’s not mandatory to have such labelling for the cosmetics with shelf life over 30 months. Most of these products should not be harmful even after the expiration, but they can change smell, colour, texture or simply become useless i.e. purchasing such products would mean waste of money.
You'll be very surprised by the volumes of cosmetic products with past expiry date sold online by some retailers...

Cosmetic calculator will help you to find out manufacture date of cosmetics or a perfume by the batch code or lot number, it also provides general information about product shelf life.

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