Monday 16 December 2013

How to create own free website in 5 minutes?

It is quite easy to make your own webpage in very short time using many free services like few given as examples below.
These services allow you to place text, image, video and practically any other content, tie up your existing or buy new own domain name or use free subdomain of the service instead. Such websites are hosted there also for free. The services support many languages.
From the downsides - there will be advertisement of the website building service on your webpage - in the form of small icon and text like "build your own website for free", but it's free website so that's the price.

* All Moonfruit sites start out as a free trial, which lasts for 15 days. You can keep your website for free (yay!) or choose to upgrade at any point during the trial - but please make sure you choose one of these options before the end of this time, otherwise your lovely-new site won't continue past the end of the 15 days.
Note: You can continue for free or upgrade by clicking the links in the top right hand-corner of the Site-Builder editor or from your Account dashboard, underneath the site-preview window.