Wednesday 25 December 2013

How to manage wallpaper on multiscreen systems?

Wallpaper Manager (click here to go to download page) is a free wallpaper cycling and management tool specially designed for multiscreen systems.

  • Applies multiscreen wallpapers over all monitors
  • Applies multiple singlescreen wallpapers (one for each monitor) and offers three different cycle modes
  • Allows automatic cycling of wallpapers in an given interval
  • Adds new wallpapers automatically by watching one or more folders for changes
  • Allows to define a priority for each wallpaper for a better cycle control
  • Offers five different placement modes to make each wallpaper fit well on the screen
  • Provides several additional display settings like margins or simple effects like mirroring or flipping
  • Cycles wallpapers only on specified day times if configured (like cycling one wallpaper only in the morning, one in the evening etc.)
  • Can draw text overlays over applied wallpapers to show useful information (like the name of the current wallpaper, the computer name, the system's up time etc.)
  • Offers special Windows 7 features like displaying the time until the next cycle in the application's overlay icon in the Task Bar
  • Modern easy-to-use user interface

Wallpaper Manager software product is 100% legal, clean and safe to use. No spyware or malware installed.