Sunday 29 December 2013

Where do I get a franking machine? (United Kingdom)

Royal Mail do not directly supply franking machines. Look at the list of  their authorised manufacturers and independent inspector/maintainers on their website. Royal Mail does not recommend one party over any other; each one will be able to advise you on the services they provide.

The types of franking machines vary from the more simple, low-usage machines to larger, automated machines which will recognise the size, weight and thickness of your mail. Discuss what is best for your company by talking to one of the authorised manufacturer/independent inspector/maintainers.

- Do I need a Smart machine?

A Smart franking machine is essential if your company uses Royal Mail VAT-able products as it will allow you to reclaim your VAT. compatible machines and equipment are available from their authorised manufacturers and independent inspector/maintainers.

More information about all aspects of franking can be found on Royal Mail website at